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My Way or the Wrong Way


Text Illustration shared by Sean Harder, Winfield Community Church

February 2010
Category: Humor
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Text Illustration:

How many of you remember the game show that used to be on TV called "Let's Make A Deal"? I believe it was Monty Hall who would tempt people with what was behind different doors, or he would show them a wad of cash and say you can have the cash or choose what's behind door number 3.

He would always be trying to offer more than you had already won, but there was always risk involved. Many people think that God is not a deal maker, but that's far from the truth. He was making deals and covenants with people and Satan since the beginning of humanity.

My way, or the fruit; my way or the flood; my way or hell. "Satan, you can do whatever you want to Job just don't kill him." God always gives choices but the difference is that his promises are reliable and there is no risk if we choose what he offers versus what Monty Hall or the world offers.

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